Миссис Ипанутость
You stole my heart so many times.

When I first saw you, and you were sitting with a cup of coffee and a laptop, doing your thing.

When you paid for my tea, which is not something a british person would do.

When you got angry at the rude waiters, which is not something a brit would do.

When you gave me your favourite book to read on our very first date.

When I told you about the things I regret in my live, and you replied with "Yes, this is really bad" and went silent.

When you turned up in advance.

When you gave long, sincere replies to my messages.

When you finished watching a movie with me and put a second one on straight away.

When you enquired whether I ever though that existing within a body is an odd thing, and whether I ever imagined being without it (shyly).

When I was still sobbing and hated myself, and you hugged me and walked with me and said "I love you so much", when I thought you must surely break up with me now.

When you cook for me.

When you say "I'll love you even more" to any of my frustrations about the future.

When you surprise me with the purity and profoundness of your thoughts and feelings.

When you cry.

Every time you say "oh, Masha. You are so beautiful"

Every time we drink and have elaborate conversations about something.

Every time you laugh with your silly giggle.

Every morning and evening, because that's when you say "Good morning" and "Good evening" to me, every day, constantly.

Every time you go on about unfair things in life, point your finger and say firmly and passionately "No! No! Let me explain..."